Most All-time Wins Women’s Boxing

All-time wins:

Regina Halmich 54-1-1

Mariana Juarez 54-10-4

Zulina Munoz 52-3-2

Christy Martin 49-7-3

Marcela Eliana Acuna 49-7-2

Mia St. John 49-14-2

Delfine Persoon 44-3

Layla McCarter 44-13-5

Jelena Mrdjenovich 41-11-2

Kelsey Jeffries 41-11-3

Amanda Serrano 40-1-1

Yazmin Rivas 40-10-1

Siriporn Taweesuk 40-5

Jackie Nava 37-4-4

Yesica Yolanda Bopp 36-1

Cecilia Braekhus 36-2

Susi Kentikian 36-2

Dahiana Santana 36-13-3

Esmeralda Moreno 35-12-2

Aniya Seki 35-4-3

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