Best of Women’s Boxing 2022

Best of Women’s Boxing 2022

Fighter of the Year:

2022- Alycia Baumgardner

2021- Seniesa Estrada

2020: Katie Taylor

2019: Katie Taylor

2018: Katie Taylor

2017- Cecilia Braekhus

2016- Marcela Eliana Acuna

2015- Jessica Chavez

2014- Cecilia Braekhus

2013- Delfine Persoon

Fight of the Year:

2022- Katie Taylor SD-10 Amanda Serrano

2021- Mikaela Mayer UD-10 Maiva Hamdouche

2020: Terri Harper D-10 Natasha Jonas

2019: Katie Taylor MD-10 Define Persoon

2018- Yesenia Gomez D-10 Esmeralda Moreno

2017- Esmeralda Moreno SD-10 Ibeth Zamora Silva

2016- Jessica Chavez MD-10 Esmeralda Moreno

2015: Ibeth Zamora Silva UD-10 Esmeralda Moreno

2014: Delfine Persoon UD-10 Erica Anabella Farias

2013: Melissa McMorrow SD-10 Nadia Raoui

Knockout of the Year:

2022- Savannah Marshall KO-3 Femke Hermans

2021- Amanda Serrano KO-9 Daniela Bermudez

2020: Etsuko Tada TKO-9 Ayaka Miyao

2019- Amanda Serrano KO-1 Eva Voraberger

2018- Viviane Obenauf KO-4 Natasha Jonas

2017- Helen Joseph KO-2 Shannon O’Connell

2016- Marcela Eliana Acuna KO-10 Yesica Patricia Marcos

2015-Mayerlin Rivas TKO-4 Sayda Mosquera

2014- Anne Sophie Mathis NC-5 Christina Hammer

2013-Diana Prazak KO-8 Frida Wallberg

Upset of the Year:

2022- Jessica Nery Plata SD-10 Yesica Yolanda Bopp

2021- Alycia Baumgardner TKO-4 Terri Harper

2020: Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila UD-10 Mariana Juarez

2019: Diana Laura Fernandez UD-10 Esmeralda Moreno

2018- Jorgelina Guanini SD-10 Debora Anahi Dionicius

2017- Guadalupe Martinez Guzman UD-10 Zulina Munoz

2016- Fatuma Zarika SD-10 Alicia Ashley

2015-Edith Soledad Matthysse UD-10 Jelena Mrdjenovich

2014- Ana Laura Esteche UD-10 Monica Silvina Acosta

2013- Riyo Toga TKO-1 Mariana Juarez

Comeback Fighter of the Year:

2022- Jessica Nery Plata

2021- Jackie Nava

2020- Christina Hammer

2019- Brenda Karen Carbajal

2018- Tenkai Tsunami

2017- Arely Mucino

2016- Cecilia Braekhus

2015- Chris Namus

2014- Jackie Nava

2013- Susi Kentikian

Robbery of the Year:

2022- Ashley Gonzalez Macias MD-10 Lourdes Juarez

2021- Arely Mucino SD-10 Jacky Calvo

2020- Tenkai Tsunami D-10 Naoko Fujioka

2019- Fatuma Zarika SD-10 Yamileth Mercado

2018- Jessica Nery Plata SD-10 Silvia Torres

2017- Svetlana Kulakova SD-10 Judy Waguthii

2016- Mariana Juarez MD-10 Irma Garcia

2015- Mariana Juarez SD-10 Vanesa Lorena Taborda

2014- Mariana Juarez UD-10 Melissa McMorrow

2013- Jennifer Retzke D-10 Florence Muthoni

The event of the Year:

2022- Katie Taylor SD-10 Amanda Serrano at a sold out Madison Square Garden.

2021- Amanda Serrano signs with Jake Paul’s promotion company, leading to a super-fight with Katie Taylor.

2020- Katie Taylor draws over two million viewers for her successful November title defense against Miriam Gutierrez.

2019- The International Boxing Hall of Fame announced they will induct their first-ever class of female boxers in June 2020.

2018- Cecilia Braekhus vs. Kali Reis world welterweight title match aired as the first women’s boxing match on HBO and drew over one million viewers.

2017- Jessica Chavez wins the Diamond flyweight tournament.

2016- Claressa Shields wins a second gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games

2015- Former multi-division women’s boxing champion Holly Holm defeats Ronda Rousey

2014- First-ever WBC Women’s Boxing Convention

2013- Holly Holm leaves boxing for mixed martial arts

 The Prospect of the Year:

2022- Karriss Artingstall

2021- Sandy Ryan

2020: Gabriela Celeste Alaniz

2019: Sophie Alisch

2018: Estelle Mossely

2017- Chantelle Cameron

2016- Katie Taylor

2015- Seniesa Estrada

2014- Farida El Hadrati

2013- Joselyn Arroyo Ruiz

Most Important Fight:

2022- Katie Taylor SD-10 Amanda Serrano as the main event at a sold-out Madison Square Garden, setting a historical marker for a new era of women’s boxing.

2021- Chantelle Cameron TKO-5 Melissa Hernandez, the new school of women’s boxing, cements its dominance over the previous era.

2020- Katie Taylor UD-10 Delfine Persoon. Persoon steps in when Taylor’s much-anticipated bout with Amanda Serrano fails to materialize. The bout was held at the makeshift Matchroom Fight Camp due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2019- Katie Taylor MD-10 Delfine Persoon. Taylor controversially defends her lightweight title on the Ruiz vs. Joshua undercard giving female boxing far-reaching exposure.

2018- Cecilia Braekhus UD-10 Kali Reis. Braekhus successfully defends her world welterweight title as HBO telecasts its first women’s boxing match.

2017- Claressa Shields TKO-5 Nikki Adler * Shields is the first of the 2016 female Olympians to win a world title (WBC & IBF World super-middleweight titles.)

2016- Heather Hardy MD-10 Shelly Vincent * Played on PBC telecast in the USA

2015- Ginny Fuchs defeats Marlen Esparza at the USA Olympic Trials (amateur)

2014- Alex Love defeats Julie La Disa (amateur)

2013- Cecilia Braekhus TKO-3 Mia St. John

State of the Game:

Best Boxer: Claressa Shields

Best Slugger: Amanda Serrano

Best Overall- Claressa Shields

Best Defense: Claressa Shields

Best Puncher: Shadasia Green

Best Fighter nobody knows: Mizuki Hiruta

Future Star: Caroline Dubois

I want to see more of: Sofya Ochigava

Give this fighter a title shot: Caroline Dubois

Most Aggressive: Maiva Hamadouche

Most fun to watch: Katie Taylor

Most Avoided: Kenia Enriquez

Most Protected: Elina Tissen

Most Improved: Ebanie Bridges

On the rise: Dina Thorslund

On the decline: Cecilia Braekhus

Underrated: Sarah Bormann

Overrated: Debora Anahi Dionicius

Pound-for-Pound Best in 2024: Seniesa Estrada

5 Fights for 2022:

Claressa Shields vs. Shadasia Green

Mikaela Mayer vs. Alycia Baumgardner II

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano II

Seniesa Estrada vs. Yesica Yolanda Bopp

Chantelle Cameron vs. Katie Taylor

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