Women’s Boxing Pound-for-Pound Rankings: July 2019

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Women’s Boxing Pound-for-Pound Rankings: July 2019

1-Claressa Shields (9-0, 2 KOs) middleweight, USA

2-Katie Taylor (14-0, 6 KOs) lightweight, Ireland

3-Cecilia Braekhus (35-0, 9 KOs) welterweight, Norway

4-Delfine Persoon (43-2, 18 KOs) lightweight, Belgium

5-Yesica Yolanda Bopp (36-1, 16 KOs) light-flyweight, Argentina

6-Daniela Romina Bermudez (25-3-3, 7 KOs) bantamweight, Argentina

7-Amanda Serrano (36-1-1, 27 KOs) super-flyweight, USA/Puerto Rico

8-Maiva Hamadouche (21-1, 17 KOs) super-featherweight, France

9-Kenia Enriquez (22-1, 9 KOs) light-flyweight, Mexico

10-Marcela Eliana Acuna (49-7-2, 20 KOs) super-bantamweight, Argentina

11-Jackie Nava (35-4-4, 16 KOs) bantamweight, Mexico

12-Mariana Juarez (53-9-4, 18 KOs) bantamweight, Mexico

13-Guadalupe Martinez Guzman (19-9, 6 KOs) super-flyweight, Mexico

14- Jessica Chavez (30-5-3, 4 KOs) super-flyweight, Mexico

15- Jelena Mrdjenovich (39-10-2, 19 KOs) featherweight, Canada

16-Ibeth Zamora Silva (30-6, 12 KOs) flyweight, Mexico

17-Anabel Ortiz (29-3, 4 KOs) minimumweight, Mexico

18-Christina Hammer (24-1, 11 KOs) middleweight, Germany

19-Dina Thorslund (14-0, 6 KOs) super-bantamweight, Denmark

20-Naoko Fujioka (18-2-1, 7 KOs) flyweight, Japan

Best of the rest: Terri Harper, Melissa Hernandez, Layla McCarter, Savannah Marshall, Chantelle Cameron, Jessica McCaskill, Erica Anabella Farias, Eva Wahlstrom, Heather Hardy, Segolene Lefebvre, Ewa Piatkowska, Mikaela Mayer, Hyun Mi Choi, Marie Eve Dicaire, Tina Rupprecht, Hanna Gabriels, Ava Knight, Fatuma Zarika, Yazmin Rivas, Jessica Nery Plata, Etsuko Tada, Yesenia Gomez, Victoria Noelia Bustos, and Arely Mucino.

Weight Class Rankings:

Heavyweight: Geovana Peres (New Zealand)

Super-middleweight: Savannah Marshall (England)

Middleweight: Claressa Shields (USA)

Super-welterweight: Hanna Gabriels (Costa Rica)

Welterweight: Cecilia Braekhus (Norway)

Super-lightweight: Jessica McCaskill (USA)

Lightweight: Katie Taylor (Ireland)

Super-featherweight: Maiva Hamadouche (France)

Featherweight: Jelena Mrdjenovich (Canada)

Super-bantamweight: Marcela Eliana Acuna (Argentina)

Bantamweight: Daniela Romina Bermudez (Argentina)

Super-flyweight: Amanda Serrano (USA/Puerto Rico)

Flyweight: Ibeth Zamora Silva (Mexico)

Light-flyweight: Yesica Bopp (Argentina)

Minimumweight: Anabel Ortiz (Mexico)

Photo Credit: Blick.com


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